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Yoga en Puertollano. Asociación de yoga Clásico de Puertollano. Asociación de Yoga y Salud de Castilla la Mancha.



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    23rd Feb 2013 – Saturday - Living in the Present
    “See, we live through today not shivering, just see the facts and not imagine it. We are generally lost in all kinds of suggestions, all kinds of stories, news. We don’t give much of our mind to check the reality. See, we can live our life very happily, enjoy it, but we can never do it. Though there are individuals, who may not be very very clever – There used to be a tailor who would come here, in the class. Some new construction was done and we had no people to man it or look after it. And this tailor asked, “You are not going to use that place?” We said, we have no people here to look after it. He said, “I’ll look after it.” And he personally looked after even the most menial jobs of washing the floor and all that and attending to the people when they came. And that is how we started this 7 Day Residential Class. No big announcements, no pay, no one knows his name here. At many places these things happen. See, we unfortunately, wait for the crowd to applaud and look around for the people telling about the great things we are doing, which is wrong. In any situation, a thing needs to be done, just do it. I don’t think we can do, we’d rather like to look around.”

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